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Arts Career Exploration program

Britt continues our year-long apprenticeship program for high school students, thanks to a Connecting Students to the World of Work Grant from the Oregon Arts Commission. The Arts Career Exploration (ACE) program serves juniors and seniors from Medford School District high schools, culminating in a student-produced performance.

Background information:
The Connecting Students to the World of Work Grant is a new program from the Oregon Arts Commission, designed to connect underserved students to the work force by offering programs that engage students in the professional elements of an artistic/creative career field. Special emphasis will be placed on selecting candidates who are English Language Learners, Special Education Students, and underrepresented minorities. The Medford School District and Britt will jointly select participating students and will require application materials from students who would like to be considered (cover letter, letter of recommendation).

The second group of ACEs began in June 2015 and will work with Britt staff in all departments through May 2016 by job shadowing, attending concerts and events, participating in discussions with artistic and executive leadership, and completing assignments and projects that challenge the students to articulate an artistic vision. 

With guidance from Britt creative professionals, and using Britt resources, students will develop an artistic vision for a spring concert and go through the steps required to bring it to fruition. This includes creating a budget, selecting and booking guest artists, working with Britt to create artist contracts, developing marketing and acting as box office, house management, stage management and production staff for the concert.

By participating in this project, students will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in presenting a musical performance, become more aware of the variety of career paths in the nonprofit arts, and gain practical skills and knowledge that will make them college and/or work force ready.

Support for this project comes from the Oregon Arts Commission and The Wheeler Foundation.

For more information about the ACE program, contact Kay Hilton, Director of Education & Engagement at