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Movie Night at Britt Presents: All Together Now - The Making of "Love"

Posted Aug 21, 2009 at 11:09 PM in General, Behind The Scenes

All Together Now - The Making of "Love"

Once described by a Rolling Stone journalist as the band that found “ecstasy in invention”, The Beatles have always managed to push the envelope in both creativity and significance. The same could be said for Cirque De Soleil, whose performances have been described as delivering both a magical landscape and stunning acrobatic talent. The combination of the two ingenious and imaginative forces to conceive a unique live experience for people all over the world resulted in the extraordinarily popular show, “Love.”

Thoroughly recognized as a dream of George Harrison and Guy Laliberte [founder of Cirque Du Soleil], the live show" Love." began as a project of skeptic delicacy but soon became one of endless possibility and adventure; reviewed as “an elegant and graceful marriage of movement and song.”  Sadly, George Harrison passed away before the show and film were ever made into reality. However, we are constantly reminded throughout the film that without him, there would be no film to make. Now, the breath-taking visuals of the show are captured in the unique and remarkable film, All Together Now: The Making of "Love"  that any and every generation can enjoy.

A blend of acting, dancing, and acrobatics, coupled with stunning lights and costumes allow for the best of Cirque Du Soleli to be recognized. With a cast of over 60 international artists, the memorable music of the Beatles comes to life with beauty and exuberance. Also available in the film is the exciting backstage world of Cirque Du Soleil, as we watch directors and performers alike tremble in both excitement and fear for the big night.

George Martin [ex-Beatles manager/music director], Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono  [the widows of late Beatles’ George Harrison and John Lennon], the two surviving Beatles, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney walk us through a combination of evocative excerpts from the band’s past and hopeful aspirations of the performance’s future. As the flurried rehearsals happen around him, Paul McCartney finds himself reminiscing about the stories behind the songs while Yoko Ono describes the show as the manifestation of the “light” of John Lennon. 

Britt is collaborating with Ashland Independent Film Festival to present this special film night. This film is a visual delight for both adults and children, so please bring your families. The film will be shown on the Britt Lawn on Thursday, August 27th at 8:45 PM.

To reserve seating for this event, please call our box office number – 1-541-773-6077.

For more information on the movie and trailers, visit the official website

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