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Brittilaria sculpture installed on the hill

Posted Apr 17, 2015 at 01:22 PM in General, Pictures

A new work by Jacksonville metal artist Cheryl Garcia has been installed on the Britt hill. Titled “Brittilaria,” the sculpture was inspired by the frittilaria flower that grows in the Jacksonville Woodlands. “Brittilaria” is located near the entrance to the Britt hill, next to the Performance Garden. The work is on a long-term loan to Britt from Dr. Sean Kevin Roden and Mrs. Sonya Kay Roden. The sculpture was dedicated at a ceremony at Britt on April 10.


Red Lily poured wine for eventgoers.



"Brittilaria" artist Cheryl Garcia poses with friends, in front of her new installation



A close-up view of one of the stalks of "Brittilaria"



Dr. Sean Roden, left, with Britt COO Sky Loos (center) and Mrs. Sonya Roden (right). "Brittilaria" was created thanks to the support of the Rodens, and was installed at Britt on a long-term loan from the couple. 



Cheryl Garcia (left) poses with fellow artist, and long-time Britt neighbor and friend, Anne Brooke Hawkins.



Britt board member Jim Earley (left) and board Vice-Chair Mike Burrill, Jr. (right) enjoy the reception.



A view of the installation from the top of the steps.



Guitarist and singer Jeff Kloetzel performed at the reception.



Artist Cheryl Garcia talks about the creative process involved in "Brittilaria."

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