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Rake Patrol on the Britt hill

Posted Feb 06, 2010 at 12:27 AM in Behind The Scenes, Pictures

Several members of the Britt staff took to the Britt hill last week to shape up the hill. With rakes and leaf blowers in hand, we cleaned up leaves and pine needles, filling the biggest dumpster we'd ever seen. Here are a few before/after photos, along with shots of the hard-working crew:



Our work was cut out for us with those wet leaves by the box office!


Development Director Carrie Kaufman rakes near the concessions area.


Executive Director Jim Fredericks hauls leaves from the top of the hill.


Many hands and a giant dumpster.


Education Director Joelle Graves makes room for yet MORE leaves! We filled up that puppy!


And here's the "after" beauty shot: MUCH better!


A view from the top of the beautiful Britt hill. We'll be enjoying summer concerts soon!



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