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Posted Jun 04, 2009 at 09:49 PM in General, Band Information

Howie Mandel will perform at Britt Festivals on June 19 at 7:30 p.m. with John Mendoza opening. Get ready to laugh!

Here is an interview with Howie:

Kidsday interviews comic Howie Mandel
Kidsday Reporters

May 2, 2008

We met comedian and game-show host Howie Mandel when he was in New York recently. We like his NBC show "Deal or No Deal."

We know you are an actor and a comedian. Do those past experiences make you a better game-show host?
Yes. I get to work in front of an audience as I do when I do stand-up comedy. On my show I can act very dramatically. Sometimes they are going to open the case and whatever is in that case is going to change somebody's life and I can stretch it out and make it dramatic and scary. And right when they think they are going to open it, I tell them we are going to open it when we come back.

Which do you prefer being, a TV host, comedian or actor?
I like doing everything. When you grow up, hopefully you will get to do everything you love. I get to do everything I love. I like just being busy. So I can do stand-up one day... then I fly home this week and I will tape some shows for "Deal or No Deal" and get to be a game show host. Then I will stay at home and write sometimes. Last night I was on a show called "Monk," so I get to act. I do voice-overs and I do cartoons.

What are the craziest things you've done to get a laugh?
When I was your age ... I got in trouble for and punished for what I seem to get paid for today. I am saying behave and be good, I had no idea when I was your age that it would become a job. What a lucky guy I am that whatever I am became my job.

Do people still ask you to blow rubber gloves up on your head?
I don't do it often, but if certain people ask me, I will. [Howie did the stunt for us!]

We read that you did not want to host "Deal or No Deal." Is this true?
Absolutely. I did not want to be a game-show host. Then my wife saw a tape of the show and told me to take the deal. I didn't believe her and she said, "Take it, it will be good for you." I took the show, and it is a big hit and my wife spends the whole day going, "Na nana na." She was right.

We watched a bit of your character Bobby online. Do you enjoy doing his voice? Does it annoy your family?
[In Bobby's voice:] Actually, this is my real voice. And I talk like this so people won't make fun of me. I don't really use the voices around the house.

On your Web site we read about your upcoming project "Howie Do It." Can you tell us a bit about it?
Yes. It is a hidden camera show. We are going to hide a camera and then we are going to spend a couple of months trying to find it. We are going to hide a camera and play jokes on people.

What is your favorite part of hosting the show?
Watching people win a lot of money having all their dreams come true. That is the neatest thing ever. Can you imagine being some place where you can play a game and the person tells you they have never really owned a home or they are in debt or their kids want to go to college but they can't afford it and then all of a sudden they win that money and the kids can go to college or people can get married and they can have a baby. And they can move into a house they never had.

If you were a contestant, what case would you pick?
I don't have a lucky number. You know the beauty of our game is nobody knows what is in what case. My birthday is on the 29th, so I would pick 29. But there are only 26 cases so I would leave with nothing.

Is the banker a real person? If so are you friends with him?
Yes, he is a real person and I am not friends with him, I find him very mean. He really is mean. He says nasty things on the phone and I don't repeat a lot of the stuff that he says. He tries to get people to leave with as little money as possible.

How many kids do you have and do they think that you are funny?
Three. I have told them throughout their life that I am very, very funny, so hopefully they believe me. Sometimes they think I am funny, but I am their dad. Sometimes I am their dad first and then funny second, or sometimes third or sometimes seventh. I want them to do their homework and be good. Right now one of my children is a teacher. One of my children teaches second grade, so she is already a grownup. My son is 18 and I have a 15-year-old daughter still in high school.

Here are some videos of Howie in action:


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