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Sam Elliott honored with Britt Family Tree Award

Posted Aug 19, 2009 at 10:20 PM in General, Members, Volunteers

On August 16, the closing night of the 2009 Britt Classical Festival, long-time member and volunteer Sam Elliott was honored on the Britt hill with a Family Tree award. Former Executive Director Ron McUne made the dedication with these remarks:

"The Family Tree Award is Britt’s highest honor and since its inception in 1995, only 12 or 13 people have received this honor. A tree is planted on the Britt grounds to acknowledge the accomplishments of each recipient and you can see the trees scattered around the park. The Britt Family Tree Award is given to honor 'an individual who has significantly and positively affected the history and tradition of the (Britt) organization, demonstrated a high level of service and financial support over an extended period of time and has shown a continuous interest in and dedication to the health of the organization.'

"To understand why Sam Elliott has been chosen to receive this honor only requires a look through the acknowledgement pages of any Britt playbill from 1988 to the present. There, you will find her name appearing consistently as:

A hill volunteer
A generous annual member
A long time host for orchestra musicians
Membership drive volunteer
Britt Institute donor
Major Endowment fund donor
Britt Bash volunteer
Donor to the Britt Bash
Donor to fund the endowment of two orchestra chairs
Board member for ten years
Assoc. board member for many years
And a member of several committees

"If all of the above were not enough, Sam also became the volunteer responsible for finding housing for the entire Britt orchestra, beginning in 1990, and continuing to this day, except for a 3-4 year hiatus in the early 21st century. That job by itself represents an enormous contribution to Britt and is probably worth a tree all by itself.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sam for many years and her many contributions have been selfless, with utmost dedication, and always with Britt’s best interests in mind. And thru it all she has managed to maintain a sense of humor and sharp wit.

"The tree we dedicate this evening and the other Britt Family Trees serve as living reminders for future generations to honor the hard work of the exceptional volunteers who have been instrumental in ensuring Britt’s continued longevity as a beloved community treasure.

"Won’t you please join with me in thanking and congratulating Sam Elliott as recipient of the 2009 Britt Family Tree Award."

-photos by Scott Cole




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