Photo by Justin Briggs

Have fun with Scout & friends as they have adventures and explore the region, the world and beyond! Check back regularly, as Scout uploads another coloring page adventure for you to color every month. Click on the circles below to download your sheet!


ColorSheet 17 Teaser

#17: Join Scout and the gang on what Phineas Frog likes to call Paloween — because he is so happy to go door to door filling his pail of treats with his pals!

ColorSheet 16 Teaser

#16. Music class is in session with Oola Owl teaching Scout, Bearto, Flora and friends a new song to play as a group.
Color Sheet 15
#15. Join Scout and the gang as they celebrate the blooming of their favorite flowers in their garden funshine band!
Color Sheet 14
#14. For Arbor Day Scout & friends traveled back in time to help Peter Britt plant the sequoia tree that stands watch next to the Performance Garden Stage, home of the BrittKids Koncerts!
Color Sheet 13
#13: Join Scout & friends as they have a bluegrass jamboree to celebrate the end of winter weather and the coming spring before their snowman friend melts!
Color Sheet 12
#12: Did you know Scout's birthday is February 20th? Flora, Bearto and all their animal friends celebrate with Scout at a surprise birthday party!
Color Sheet 11
#11: Scout and the gang are so excited about the Britt Festival Orchestra's coming season, they all gathered around in a clearing on the Britt Hill to practice so they can join Teddy Abrams this summer!
Color Sheet 10
#10: Scout, Flora and Bearto enjoy a Southern Oregon Snow Day and build themselves a new friend.
Color Sheet 9
#9: Scout, Bearto & Flora frolic in the leaves during a fun fall day!
Color Sheet 8
#8 Join Scout, Flora, Bearto and their animal friends as they learn exciting new things in their school classroom.
Coloring Sheet 7
#7 Join Scout and Flora as they camp and make music for their animal friends at Howard Prairie.
Color Sheet 6
#6 Join Scout, Flora and their animal friends as they navigate down the Rogue River near the famous Rainbow Arch bridge in Grants Pass.
Color Sheet 6
#5 Scout meets Flora the Fox and some animal friends for a delicious picnic & music on the Britt Hill!
Color Sheet 4
#4 Camp out under the stars with Scout and some animal friends as they gaze up into a beautiful clear night sky.
Color Sheet 3
#3 Scout and friends make their debut on the Britt Performance Garden Stage, getting ready for a fun new season of BrittKids Koncerts!
Color Sheet 2
#2 Scout's froggy friend leads them up to a beautiful view of the Table Rocks and Mt. McLaughlin! They stop along the way to smell the beautiful and rare fritillaria!
Color Sheet 1
#1 A friendly owl and squirrel hang out with Scout as they explore the rim of Crater Lake on snowshoes!