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Orchestra Openings

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 Britt Music & Arts Festival

Seasonal/Temporary Positions


Position: Stage Manager

Supervisor: President and CEO

Positions Supervised:  Stage Crew.  Recruit, hire, train and supervise all stage crew.  This includes providing HR with all employment forms, time cards and other management duties.

General Description:  Responsible for managing activities on stage relating to all presented events; serve as technical support. The stage manager (SM) supervises stage-related activities for concert rehearsals, sound checks and performances at Britt’s outdoor venue.   The stage manager distributes stage plans to stage crew as appropriate. He/She coordinates stage crew activities and assists with or supervises stage preparation including unloading, set-up and positioning of concert stage elements, such as instruments, equipment or background sets.  Must be able to lift 50 pounds.  Position requires long hours, weekends and nights.  SM is expected to be on-site from load-in to load-out day of show.


The stage manager assists with technical matters. He/She reviews concert technical requirements with various people involved in planning the performance, such as the Production Manager (PM), the act’s manager and technicians. He/She monitors lighting, speakers, microphones and other equipment during rehearsals and performances.  Before a concert, he/she assists with light, sound, rigging and other stage equipment tests. He/She also assists with specialized concert element testing, such as audio/visual tests, if applicable. During a performance, he/she makes call cues as needed.


  1. Supervise stagehands during load-in and load-out of all concert events.  
  2. Provide technical assistance for artists as needed.
  3. Prepare for each concert utilizing information available through production staff.
  4. Work with stage crews to perform any building maintenance as related to the stage.
  5. Supervise stagehands as needed to accomplish the work as described above.
  6. Working with venue PM ensure day of schedule stays on time (sound checks, bands onstage / set length, curfew).  Advise PG stage personnel when they can begin sound check.
  7. Assist tour staff in backing up and parking of vehicles as needed.  
  8. Monitor and keep track of stage supplies.
  9. Ensure any Britt equipment (back-line etc.) used by artists is inventoried and returned to Britt storage.  Pre-season and post-season inventory must be done.
  10. Advise management if any maintenance is required and/or perform maintenance on back-line or other equipment as appropriate.
  11. Point person for planning and executing band changeovers as required.
  12. Maintains presence on the deck during show
  13. Controls house lights during the show
  14. Work with audio and lighting contractors installing and maintaining systems
  15. Manage pavilion during the Classical Festival to include locking and unlocking, coordinate scheduling with the production manager and classical administrator, set the stage in required configurations, and provide technical assistance as needed.   
  16. Responsible for maintaining, scheduling and set-up of house supplied artist backline
  17. Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe stage environment throughout the season
  18. Prepare concert facilities for the summer season; hang awnings, lay carpet, clean, etc.
  19. Prepare concert facilities for the winter months; take down awnings, carpet, clean etc.  
  20. Other duties appropriate to the position.

Training:  High school diploma with a minimum two years vocational or college training in technical theater, orchestra management or concert production, or five years job experience in one or more of the above.  


  1. Must be well organized and energetic.
  2. Must have a background in general carpentry, theatrical lighting and sound.
  3. Should be familiar with symphony orchestra personnel and instrument configuration.
  4. Must have good communication skills and be able to work effectively with performing artists, artist managers, and the general public.
  5. Must be able to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.
  6. Should have some experience in personnel supervision.
  7. Must be flexible in adapting work hours to meet the needs of the position.
  8. Should be in excellent physical condition.

Please send resume and cover letter to Denise Deneaux, Sr. Executive Assistant at denise.deneaux@brittfest.org

Britt Music & Arts Festival

Position: Stage Crew

General Description:  Work onstage during the load in and load out of Britt Shows.  Duties include setting up the stage, lights, audio, backline and helping with any other aspects relating to the show.  


Assist house and touring crew during load-in and load-out of concerts.

Work with audio and lighting contractors on stage.

Assist with general maintenance of concert facilities when needed.

Other duties appropriate to the position as assigned.


  1. Must be able to safely lift 50lbs.
  2. Must be able to work effectively with coworkers, visiting artists and crew.
  3. Must be able to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.
  4. Must be flexible in adapting work hours to meet the needs of the position.
  5. Must be enthusiastic and energetic. 
  6. Knowledge in stage lighting and sound is a plus.

Please send resume to Stacietm@gmail.com

 Britt Music & Arts Festival

Position: Box Office Customer Service Representative

Britt Music & Arts Festival is seeking a team-oriented individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills. This person will provide courteous and friendly service to Britt patrons with diplomacy, patience, and a positive attitude.

Must have good computer keyboarding skills, be a self-starter, flexible, able to multi-task, have the ability to take direction, work well with others, and be able to work under pressure. Prior ticketing experience preferred. Varied work schedule, 20-40 hours per week, seasonal position April through mid-September. Must be able to work some evenings and weekends during the summer concert season.

Mail resume to: Britt Music & Arts Festival, Attn: Box Office Manager, PO Box 1124, Medford, OR 97501
Or email resume to marie.carbone@brittfest.org

Britt Music & Arts Festival



Part-time internships for college credit only are available during the late winter, spring and summer months. Specific dates and work schedules are determined individually based on departmental needs and the availability of the chosen candidates. For paid, seasonal positions, please see our Seasonal/Temporary Employment section.

There are no internship positions open at this time.


Permanent Positions

There are no permanent positions open at this time.


Britt Music & Arts Festival is an Equal Opportunity Employer