Classical Festival
First-Timer's Guide to Classical Concerts

The relaxed atmosphere of the Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville makes for a beautiful setting to hear live classical music. Even in this casual setting, though, there are many traditions specific to classical music that may be foreign to a newcomer. For a great explanation of these rituals and traditions, we recommend the following guides:

Naxos: "How to Enjoy A Live Concert"
This user-friendly guide explains concert rituals and defines terms including concertmaster, overture, etc. The author gives advice about what to watch and what to listen for and offers resources for building a classical music library.

League of American Orchestras: “About Your First Concert”
This guide emphasizes that the most important role of the audience members is to open themselves up to enjoy the music. The guide describes what an orchestra is comprised of, and answers questions like “Why do musicians wear formal black clothes?” and "When should I clap?"

In addition, here are a few topics specific to the Britt Hill in Jacksonville:

Are the Britt Orchestra members local?
The Britt Orchestra is comprised of about 90 professional musicians (including a few locals) from all over the country. They teach or play in other orchestras during most of the year, and come to southern Oregon to play for Britt three weeks every summer. 

Are the pre-concert talks open to everyone? Who gives them?
All concert-goers are invited to attend the pre-concert talks, which are free to all ticket holders. Britt partners with Jefferson Public Radio for the conversations, providing insight into the music or guest artist on that evening's program in a casual setting. The talks start at 7 p.m. in the new Britt Performance Garden, which is to the right as you come in the main gate.

Is it appropriate to bring children to classical concerts?
For many young children, a classical concert may require a longer period of concentration than they are used to. We do encourage families to bring children to our the Symphony Pops concert.