Britt Orchestra Season
Flute 3/Piccolo/Utility

2019 Britt Orchestra
July 22 – August 11, 2019

Call for Auditions


Flute 3/Piccolo/Utility (permanent position)

Applicants are screened through a blind audition process. Your inquiry will be acknowledged.

To apply, please submit a resumé and recording, as follows:

IMPORTANT: Please record the exact excerpts on separate tracks (7 tracks total) as specified below, without accompaniment. Please follow the given naming convention of each excerpt for your tracks, given below next to the excerpt in italics.


Mozart - Concerto in G, mvt. I exposition only (Smith, John – Mozart)

Beethoven - Leonore Overture No. 3, solo mm. 328-360 (Smith, Jane – Beethoven)

Ravel - Mother Goose, Flute 2, beginning through bar 8 (Smith, John – Ravel 1)


Vivaldi - Concerto in C Major, mvt. I, mm. 19-73 (Smith, Jane – Vivaldi 1)

Vivaldi - Concerto in C, mvt. II, mm.1-5, no ornamentation (Smith, John – Vivaldi 2)

Shostakovich - Symphony No. 6, mvt. I, 3 bars after reh. 8 though reh. 10 (Smith, John – Shostakovich 6)

Ravel Piano Concerto, Mvt. I beginning through reh. 2 (Smith, Jane – Ravel 2)

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4,mvt. III, 1 measure after letter E though three bars before G (Smith, John – Tchaikovsky 4)

Electronic submissions only.  Please send your recording in mp3 format.  Recordings sent in other formats will not be accepted.  Email all materials (recordings and a resumé) to:

Mark Knippel

Questions? Contact Mark Knippel, Director of Artistic Operations, at 541 690-3856, or at the above email address.

The Britt Festival Orchestra is proud to be a partner orchestra of the National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS), an unprecedented national initiative to increase diversity in American orchestras. It will do so by offering Black and Latinx musicians a customized combination of mentoring, audition preparation, financial support, and audition previews. Learn more at

Britt Music & Arts Festival is an Equal Opportunity Employer