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An Evening with The Avett Brothers

Friday, August 24 • 8 p.m.


Over the years, The Avett Brothers (rhymes with “save it”) built up a sizable following based on their rowdy, infectious stage shows.

In concert, the high-flying ensemble tears through tunes with unbridled energy, popping banjo and guitar strings right and left while inciting stomping singalongs among audiences that appear to know every word.

At times they would seemingly create their own subgenre onstage - “punkgrass,” for lack of a better word. This much is for certain: The Avett Brothers are a grassroots phenomenon, built from the ground up.

In harnessing the tools available to them in the service of the strongest set of songs they’ve written so far, the Avett Brothers have surpassed themselves on most recent album, I and Love and You. It comes down to honoring inspiration with an awful lot of hard work.

“We’ll just keep writing our songs and making our records, and how it goes is how it goes,” concludes Seth Avett. “We’re trying our hardest and having some fun doing it, and that’s all it needs to be.”

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PLEASE NOTE: Patrons will not be permitted to bring in outside alcohol for this performance. Patrons will be able to purchase beer and wine inside the gates.

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