Rodrigo y Gabriela

Tuesday, August 8, 7:30 p.m. • 2017

TICKETS: Reserved $54 | Premium Lawn Blankets $228 (4-person) / $114 (2-person) | Lawn $39 | Child (1-12) Lawn $29 
GATES OPEN: @ 5:45 Early Entry | 6:00 General Public

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Rodrigo y Gabriela

Internationally acclaimed Mexican acoustic rock guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela are back on the road again, bringing their unique instrumental blend of metal, jazz and world music to audiences all over the US. Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero have been playing together for more than fifteen years.

First as young thrash metal fans in their native Mexico City, then as innocents abroad and street musicians in Dublin, Ireland at the turn of the millennium, and finally as the globe-straddling, film-scoring, record-breaking artists they are today.

Known for exhilarating live shows, Rodrigo y Gabriela have won the hearts of music lovers from the haciendas of Cuba to the Hollywood Bowl and festival fields of Europe, as they continue to weave their unique six-string magic. The extraordinary interplay between Sanchez's fiery lead lines and Quintero's phenomenal rhythmic battery is truly universal.

Their most ambitious album to date, 2012’s “Area 52,” was recorded in Havana with a thirteen-piece Cuban orchestra, as well as the 2011 soundtracks to “Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” and “Puss In Boots.” Rodrigo y Gabriela are getting ready to rewrite the script again.

With career sales in excess of 1.2 million albums, blockbuster movie scores, and sold out tours worldwide, Rodrigo y Gabriela have certainly made their mark. Their appeal is boundless, their scope limitless, and the music timeless; clearly, we have only begun to see what this duo is capable of.

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Guest Artist: Teddy Abrams & Page Hamilton Group

Teddy Abrams & Page Hamilton Group

The Britt Orchestra blends with Guitar Weekend faculty in this 4-piece combo meeting at the intersection of jazz, classical and rock. The band is led by Britt Orchestra Music Director and conductor, Teddy Abrams, and the band leader for Helmet, Page Hamilton, who has taught at Britt’s guitar workshop for several years.

Joined by two members of the Britt Orchestra, Nate Farrington, bass, and Gabriel Globus-Hoenich, drums, Teddy and Page will combine their shared virtuosic experiences in the realms of jazz, classical and rock music to create an eclectic performance that will captivate listeners of all three musical styles.

Pre-concert music: Britt Orchestra Fellow Sebastian Chang & Michael Woodard

Begins in the Britt Performance Garden at 6:00 p.m.