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Project: Beyond the Page
Blurring the lines of classical music

July 21-25, 2014

Open to ages 8 and up, and players of all acoustic instruments, including all band and orchestra instruments. College and adult students are welcome.

Beyond the Page 2013 participants pose at the final concert Photo by Rachel Jones

Featuring the innovative chamber ensemble PROJECT Trio as resident faculty, Project: Beyond the Page is based on PROJECT Trio's successful camp programs in other locations. This unique summer learning experience will focus on Modern Chamber Music, using the faculty's F.I.R.E. Technique (Fundamentals of Improvisation, Rhythm, and Ensemble).

PROJECT Trio is taking chamber music to a whole new level. Greg Pattillo (flute), Eric Stephenson (cello), and Peter Seymour (bass), are pushing the boundaries of classical music with a high-octane mix of jazz, hip-hop, and rock. The trio performs to enthusiastic audiences of all ages in concert halls, clubs, and classrooms around the world.

Acclaim for the Trio and its members runs the gamut from Downbeat Magazine, which exclaims: "PROJECT Trio is packed with musicianship, joy, and surprise" to The New York Times, which calls beat-boxing flutist Greg Pattillo "the best in the world at what he does." Fellow classical musicians rave, "PROJECT Trio really has it all. They combine the fire and refinement of the finest classical chamber ensembles with the stage presences and energy of rock stars."

In addition to their extensive performing schedule, the Trio is dedicated to arts education, inspiring a whole new generation of concert going music lovers.

What to expect from the Project: Beyond the Page:
With an emphasis on composition, memorization, performance, and extended techniques, participants will expand the repertoire of skills in their musical tool box. Daily group classes, private lessons, jam sessions, and concerts are all part of a curriculum that will help enable students play in any musical situation and in multiple different styles.

Download the Project Beyond the Page schedule (pdf).

Photo by Vicki Rosette
Appropriate age and skill level:
Open to all players of all acoustic instruments, including all band and orchestra instruments. Minimum of two years of experience playing your instrument required. Open to all ages 8 and up; college and adult students are welcome.

What should students bring:
Participants should bring their instrument and a smile! 

Camp location:
St. Mary's High School, Medford

All-inclusive fee: $350 per person
Fee is inclusive of all materials, custom designed t-shirt, lunch and snacks, all instruction, equipment (other than those outlined in requirements). 

Application requires $50 deposit (online application). If accepted, application fee will be applied to tuition; if not accepted, $25 will be refunded. You can also apply for financial aid.

How to apply:
-Application Fee: $50. If accepted, the full fee is applied to tuition. If not accepted, $25 will be refunded.
-We ask for general information and music background

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page for general information on all camps. For more information, contact or call 541-690-3834.


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