Britt Orchestra Season
Britt Orchestra Principal Winds


Leslie Fagan, Principal Flute

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Currently Assistant Principal Flute with the Omaha Symphony
BACKGROUND/EDUCATION: I did my undergrad at Indiana University. After graduation, I spent 8 months studying with a teacher in England, and then I went on to do my Master's and Doctorate in Flute Performance at Northwestern University.
CAREER INSPIRATION: I have always loved playing the flute since I started in my third grade band. My parents were always very supportive and started me in lessons early on. They also were great about buying me recordings of great flute players and taking me to symphony concerts. I got hooked on classical music and loved listening to it. I think when you develop a love of classical music early on, you want to generate in others the same feeling it inspires in you. That's what motivated me to become a musician.
MUSICAL TASTES: I like all kinds of music from jazz to pop to latin.
MUSICAL INFLUENCES: My teachers have had the greatest influence on me as a musician as well as my flute-playing friends and colleagues who I admire.
IF YOU WEREN’T A MUSICIAN: I have always loved reading and writing, so if I weren't a musician, I would love to be a book editor or English lit teacher.
BRITT HISTORY: I have been playing at Britt since 2008.
SOUTHERN OREGON FAVORITES: One of my favorite things to do during my free time at Britt is going for long bike rides with my Britt friends. The countryside is so beautiful in southern Oregon, and it's a great way to enjoy the scenery!
FAVORITE BRITT MEMORY: I have so many great Britt memories-this is a hard one to answer! One of my favorite memories is of a concert we gave a few years ago during a storm. Many people stayed to listen even though they were getting rained on, so Peter Bay invited them onto the stage to sit with us. We performed a couple of movements from Beethoven's Second Symphony with audience members all around us. It was a really special way to make music and share it with the community.

Alexander Vvedenskiy
Alex Vvedenskiy, Acting Principal Oboe

HOMETOWN: Louisville, KY
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: As a soloist and chamber musician, he performed in numerous concerts halls of Europe, Asia and USA. As well as performing as soloist with Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, Ulyanovsk Philharmonic Orchestra,”Musica Viva” Chamber Orchestra, The Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, and The Philadelphia Orchestra. In addition, Mr. Vvedenskiy appeared as Guest Principal Oboe with the New York Philharmonic and The  Philadelphia Orchestra.
BACKGROUND/EDUCATION: Alexander Vvedenskiy holds degrees from Curtis Institute of Music and Manhattan School of Music with major teachers Richard Woodhams and Liang Wang respectively.

Andrea Levine, Principal Clarinet

HOMETOWN: Louisville, KY
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:I am currently principal clarinet of the Louisville Orchestra. I have held interim positions with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Colorado Symphony and the Akron Symphony. I was also a Fellow at the New World Symphony.
BACKGROUND/EDUCATION: I did my undergraduate degree at the Eastman School of Music, as a student of Kenneth Grant. I did graduate work at the Cleveland Institute of Music as a student of Franklin Cohen. I have also studied with Daniel Gilbert, Lawrence Sobol, Mitchell Estrin, and Yehuda Gilad. CAREER INSPIRATION: My aunt was a musician in the New York Philharmonic for many years. I grew up going to concerts and knew that I wanted to be an orchestral musician even before I knew what a clarinet was.
MUSICAL INFLUENCES: I have learned so much from all the teachers with whom I've studied. I would have to say that I probably wouldn't be in this field had it not been for Daniel Gilbert. His constant encouragement and help have made me want to always try to be better.
IF YOU WEREN’T A MUSICIAN: I would probably be a dog trainer or veterinarian. I love animals!
BRITT HISTORY: This is my second year at Britt.
SOUTHERN OREGON FAVORITES: I love being outside here, whether it be jogging, hiking, or walking through town.

Erich Heckscher, Principal Bassoon

HOMETOWN: Bethesda, MD
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Currently with the National Philharmonic and Maryland Symphony Orchestras and the University of Maryland
BACKGROUND/EDUCATION: I've held positions with the Alabama Symphony and Houston Grand Opera, was guest Principal Bassoon with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in 2000 and acting Second Bassoon with the National Symphony Orchestra for the 2011/2012 season. I have degrees from the Eastman School of Music and Southern Methodist University.
CAREER INSPIRATION: Being the only kid in school who knew what the bassoon was, the movie Amadeus, and an aversion to academics.
MUSICAL TASTES: Most anything from Hildegard von Bingen to WWII, plus some classic rock, jazz and reggae. But I particularly enjoy the music of Bruckner, Sibelius, Bach, Wagner and Puccini.
MUSICAL INFLUENCES: My teachers K. David Van Hoesen and Wilfred Roberts, Klaus Thunemann, Lothar Koch, Luciano Pavarotti, and many other people whose talent I do not possess.
IF YOU WEREN’T A MUSICIAN: If I were six inches shorter, racing Formula 1 cars for Ferrari. If that somehow didn't work out I could see myself in environmental/conservation advocacy or winemaking.
SOUTHERN OREGON FAVORITES: Wine tasting, hiking, rafting and cycling (particularly between wineries), going to the coast and exploring the region.
FAVORITE BRITT MEMORY: The years I spent working with Mahler symphonies with Peter Bay, and performing with Pinchas Zukerman, Marylin Horne, Federica von Stade, Gil Shaham and all my wonderful Britt colleagues. There was also a Brahms Third Symphony played in 96 degree heat, a Mozart Piano Concerto that was rained out and subsequently performed with the audience on stage, and my wife playing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. I probably should have put that one first...