BrittKids Klub: Activity Sheets

Have more fun with Scout & Friends with these fun activity sheets! Check back regularly, as Scout adds new activities regularly. Click on the circles below to download your sheets or go to pages with several activities!

Winter Holiday

Welcome the beginning of winter with Sasha’s Winter Jumble!

Winter Teaser


Celebrate Friendsgiving by finding scrumptious words in Scout’s Friendsgiving Jumble.

Friendsgiving Teaser

Creeptastic Paloween Jumble

Join Flora’s search for haunting words in our Creeptastic Paloween Jumble!

Paloween Teaser

Teddy Bear Day

It’s no secret that Bearto loves bears, especially his very special Teddy, Beary Potter! To celebrate Teddy Bear Day, Bearto decided to bring Beary Potter to school with him for show and tell. Can you help Bearto find Beary Potter to put in his backpack?

Teddy Bear Day Teaser

Waffle Day

Bearto’s favorite breakfast is Waffles … with plenty of butter, syrup and fruit! Help bring your favorite fruit toppings to Bearto to put on his waffles, be careful not to spill the syrup!

Waffle Day Teaser

Scout’s Birthday 2022

Scout loves to celebrate birthdays with the rest of the BrittKids Buddies. Help gather presents to bring to Scout’s Birthday Party!

Scout Birthday Teaser

Rubber Ducky Day

Nothing’s better than a nice warm bubble bath on a cold winter’s day … help Flora gather up all her rubber duckies for bath day!

Rubber Ducky Day Teaser

Happy New Year!

Help Phineas find the BrittKids Celebration to ring in the New Year with the rest of the BrittKids Buddies in our new FREE activity sheet.

NewYear 2022 Teaser

Water a Flower Day

Help Flora water all her flowers by pulling the hose through the maze to her flower garden.

water a flower day 2021 teaser

Lost Sock Memorial Day 2021

Ever wonder what happens to lost socks? You can help Bearto in his quest to find all of his family's lost socks!

lost sock day 2021 teaser

Hoppy Easter 2021

No one likes hopping quite as much as Phineas! That's why the Easter Bunny asked him to hide a basket of treats for the rest of the BrittKids Buddies! Can you help Phineas find the way through the Easter Bunny's egg maze to deliver his treats?

easter 2021 teaser

World Storytelling Day 2021

Stories are a gateway to a huge world of adventure and knowledge. You can find stories all around you in books, or even around the campfire with your family and friends!  Have a fun maritime adventure with Scout's imagination in this swashbuckling sheet!

storytelling day 2021 teaser

Valentines Day 2021

Connect with your sweetheart by giving them one of these exclusive BittKids Klub Valentines Cards. Includes 7 new designs to print at home!

valentines day teaser

Squirrel Appreciation Day 2021

Connect the dots and color Sasha's squirrel friends!

squirrel appreciation day 2021 teaser

National Bird Day 2021

Connect the dots and color these pretty birds who have visited Bunmi’s bird feeder!

bird day 2021 teaser

Bearto’s New Year’s Resolution

Connect the dots and help Bearto discover three new dinosaurs!

new year 2020 teaser

Winter Holidays 2020

Connect the dots and color Scout’s Winter Holidays snowfriend!

winter holidays 2020 teaser

Friendsgiving 2020

Connect the dots and color Phineas’ good friend Terry Turkey.

friendsgiving 2020 teaser

Origami Day 2020

Flora loves making crafts. Make & color your own Flora Fox origami friend!

origami day teaser

Paloween 2020

Help Phineas make a jack o’lantern for Flora for Paloween!

paloween 2020 teaser

World Smile Day 2020

Scout loves to see smiling faces. Draw your smiling face on Scout's phone!

world smile day teaser

International Rabbit Day 2020

Follow Bunmi down the rabbit hole so she can hang out with Sasha Squirrel.

rabbit day teaser

World Listening Day 2020

Help Sasha Squirrel play his new record for his upcoming play date with the BrittKids gang!

july18 teaser

July 4th 2020 Activity Sheet:

Bunmi loves to watch the fireworks displays on this special evening of celebration! Help Bunmi be safe with fireworks.

july4 teaser

Picnic Day 2020 Activity Sheet:

Scout loves to have picnics with friends. Help Scout keep the park clean after their picnic!

pd20 teaser

Best Friends Day 2020 Activity Sheet:

Happy Best Friends Day! Help Phineas hop his way through the maze for his superhero play date with Scout.

bfd20 teaser

Musical Instruments 2020 Activity Sheets:

Help Flora identify her musical instruments by connecting the dots!

teaser musicalinstruments

Frog Jumping Day 2020 Activity Sheets:

Celebrate Frog Jumping Day with Phineas and his friends with a new activity and coloring sheet!

frogjumpingday ig

Astronomy Day 2020 Activity Sheets:

Help Bearto explore the planets and solve some new puzzles!


Word Puzzle and Maze Activity Sheets:

Help Flora find her to craft supplies and Scout solve a new puzzle!

floracraftmaze teaser

Haiku Activity Sheet:

Celebrate Haiku Day with Scout and Friends by writing your own haiku!

haiku teaser

Easter Activity Sheet:

Color your own beautiful Easter Egg with Bunmi to share with your family!

Easter activitysheet teaser

World Bear Day Activity Sheet:

Help Bearto find the honey in the middle of the honeycomb!

worldbearday activitysheet teaser

St. Patrick's Day Activity Sheet:

Help Phineas find the pot of gold foil wrapped chocolate coins so he can share with all his friends!

stpatricks activitysheet teaser

Birthday Card & Activity Sheet:

Now you can celebrate Scout's birthday by helping Phineas deliver Scout's birthday present with this fun activity sheet! PLUS make any birthday a blast with the BrittKids print-at-home birthday card!

birthday20 teaser

Valentine's Day Cards and Activity Sheet:

Make your Valentine's Day special with these exclusive BrittKids Valentine's Day Cards and Activity Sheet that you can print and cut out at home!

valentineflora teaser

Holiday Gift Tags:

Make your presents sparkle with these exclusive BrittKids Gift Tags that you can print and cut out at home!

gifttag teaser


bkk coloringsheetgraphic 1

Photos by Jeremy Holmes and Mike Gantenbein.