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BrittKids Klub: Coloring Sheets

Have fun with Scout & friends as they have adventures and explore the region, the world and beyond! Check back regularly, as Scout uploads another coloring page adventure for you to color every month. Click on the circles below to download your sheet!


Lunar New Year coloring sheet

#53 Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the BrittKids Buddies as they parade down the street with their very own Dragon!

Coloring Sheet Teaser 52

#52 Flora and Bunmi want to wish you a very happy New Year!

Coloring Sheet Teaser 51

#51 Phineas didn’t want to be left out so he decided to make his own BrittSnow Buddies!

Coloring Sheet Teaser 50

#50 Join Sasha and Oola as they build some familiar BrittSnow Buddies!

Nov 22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#49 Help Bearto and Scout with their Friendsgiving apple harvest, but be careful where you step, Phineas is hiding in a pile of leaves!

Oct22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#48  Join Flora & Oola on a spooky midnight broomstick ride to celebrate Paloween!

Aug22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#47 Join Bearto and Bunmi as they adventure in a meadow on a grand butterfly hunt. They love to catch, take photos of, and release these wonderful pollinators to help their school science class track their migration.

Jul22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#46 Scout & Phineas love to imagine themselves as adventure seekers following clues on an ancient treasure map to find hidden riches! This imagined adventure has taken them deep underground in a mysterious gem-filled cave.

June22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#45 Flora has always dreamed of flying. Her mentor, Oola Owl, wanted to help her during her first hang-gliding adventure. Sasha Squirrel wanted to get in on the fun, so Oola let him hitch a ride to help navigate their course between hot air balloons!

May22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#44 Bunmi’s great-grandmother was an Ama, and they were known as the pearl-diving mermaids of Japan. Ama's were brave women who free-dived to find pearls off the coast of Japan, and they were part of an ancient and well-respected tradition. In Bunmi’s dream, an actual mermaid helps her find her first pearl which would make her ancestors proud!

Apr22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#43 Going to the library and checking out a new or favorite story to read is a great way to spend a rainy day! Join Scout and Flora as they head down to their local library to read their favorite books, and get suggestions from their helpful friends.

March 22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#42 All Aboard Bearto's Happiness Express Space Train! Color this fun-filled space adventure featuring Sasha Squirrel & Bearto!

Feb22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#41 Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do something you love! Bunmi put on her best tutu and is practicing her pirouette. Download now to color Bunmi’s Valentine’s Day command performance!

Jan22 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#40  Do you like playing in the snow? So do the BrittKid Buddies. Celebrate World Snow Day with Scout and friends as they pick up some major speed on their sled run!

Dec21 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#39  How do you like to celebrate your Winter Holiday? Scout, Flora and Phineas love to ice skate (but it looks like Phineas could use some help)!

Nov21 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#38  Gobble Gobble — You are invited to the BrittKid Buddies Friendsgiving picnic ...oh, and be sure to save room for pie!

Color Sheet Oct21 Teaser

#37  Bearto & Bunmi get a spooky surprise visitor at the pumpkin patch for Paloween.

Sept21 Coloring Sheet Teaser

#36 Real heroes don't always wear capes. Oola, Scout, Sasha and Bearto are doing their part to help our brave firefighters by clearing weeds (and rescuing a kitten).

color sheet bkk heroes1 teaser
#35 Help the BrittKids Heros, Iron Bearto and FlorArcher as they rush in to save the day as Conductor Phineas nears a broken rail!

colorsheet 34 teaser
#34 Join Scout & Flora as they celebrate National Dolphin Day with their dolphin friends Squeakers and Squeakums. Download a free BrittKids coloring sheet today!

colorsheet 33 teaser
#33 What puts a spring in your step more than the arrival of Spring? Find out along with Scout and the BrittKids Buddies in this bouncy coloring sheet!

awesomeness 2021 teaser
Special Edition: International Day of Awesomeness

To celebrate the International Day of Awesomeness, you can put your awesomeness on display! See Super Scout, Fantastic Flora, Outstanding Oola, and Ballistic Bearto in their awesome costumes! How will you be awesome today?

scouts birthday 2021 teaser
Special Edition: Happy Beach Birthday, Scout!

Hip-hop hooray (as Phineas likes to say) — It’s Scout’s Birthday! Scout is going to the Oregon coast to celebrate another birthday! As you know, outdoors is the safest way to gather with friends. Though Scout’s not sure how the candle will be blown out, perhaps the wind will help?

color sheet 32 teaser
#32 Happy Valentine's Day BrittKids! Heart-shaped clouds and a beautiful rainbow make Scout and Flora's Valentine's Day hike up Table Rock especially fun to color.

color sheet 31 teaser
#31 It's a snow day with the BrittKids friends! Scout, Bunmi & Flora love to sled, while Sasha & Phineas enjoy a snowball battle after building a Bearto snowperson.

color sheet 30 teaser
#30 Celebrate the holidays with Bearto and his family as they make special holiday treats!

colorsheet 29 teaser 1
#29 Twinkle, Twinkle BrittKids. Scout and the rest of the BrittKids gang love to play music and sing songs. One of their favorites to play is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! (BrittKid Klub members, you can sing along while you color it - click here to see the video!

colorsheet 28 teaser
#28  Scout and the rest of the BrittKids gang love to pal around and wear costumes on Paloween!

colorsheet 27 teaser
#27 Avast ye mateys! 'Tis a coloring sheet for Talk Like a Pirate Day, so ya landlubbers need to do yer best impression of a pirate if ye don't want to walk the plank! Shiver me timbers. Aaaarrrrrrgggg!

colorsheet 26 teaser
#26 Bearto loves honey, and he also loves the bees that make the honey. Remember, be kind to bees!

juneteenth coloring teaser

Special Edition - Juneteenth 2020 Coloring Sheet:
Celebrate Freedom with Bearto and the rest of the BrittKids gang!

colorsheet25 teaser
#25 Join Scout and the BrittKids gang as they have a fun camp out under the stars, and sing songs around the campfire.

colorsheet24 teaser
#24 Spacewalk with Bearto and Bunmi as the BrittKids gang explore the solar system, making friends with friendly aliens!

teaser fjd
Special Edition — Frog Jumping Day 2020:
Hang out with Phineas and his froggy friends as they practice jumping on their lily pads!

colorsheet23 teaser
#23 Fly above the valley in a biplane with Scout and Flora while Bearto floats through the air with a parachute.

colorsheet21 teaser
#22 Enjoy an early Spring Break with Scout, Flora, Bunmi, and Phineas. Don't forget your galoshes and raincoats!

colorsheet21 teaser
#21 Join the BrittKids as they celebrate Scout's birthday with a special Britt Star Piñata full of treats and musical surprises!

colorsheet20 teaser
#20 Scout, Bearto, Fora and Oola make a team up for some super adventures!

ColorSheet 19 Teaser

#19 Join Scout, Phineas, Bearto, Oola and Flora as they sing their favorite holiday carols!

ColorSheet 18 Teaser

#18: Join Scout and the gang for their Friendsgiving Harvest on the Britt hill. Their new friend Bunmi helps sort apples for Scout's apple pie which is made from Bearto's fresh picked apples. They all work to a happy beat as Flora & Phinias play their drums!

ColorSheet 17 Teaser

#17: Join Scout and the gang on what Phineas Frog likes to call Paloween — because he is so happy to go door to door filling his pail of treats with his pals!

ColorSheet 16 Teaser

#16. Music class is in session with Oola Owl teaching Scout, Bearto, Flora and friends a new song to play as a group.

Color Sheet 15

#15. Join Scout and the gang as they celebrate the blooming of their favorite flowers in their garden funshine band!

Color Sheet 14

#14. For Arbor Day Scout & friends traveled back in time to help Peter Britt plant the sequoia tree that stands watch next to the Performance Garden Stage, home of the BrittKids Koncerts!

Color Sheet 13

#13: Join Scout & friends as they have a bluegrass jamboree to celebrate the end of winter weather and the coming spring before their snowman friend melts.

Color Sheet 12

#12: Did you know Scout's birthday is February 20th? Flora, Bearto and all their animal friends celebrate with Scout at a surprise birthday party!

Color Sheet 11

#11: Scout and the gang are so excited about the Britt Festival Orchestra's coming season, they all gathered around in a clearing on the Britt Hill to practice so they can join Teddy Abrams this summer!

Color Sheet 10

#10: Scout, Flora and Bearto enjoy a Southern Oregon Snow Day and build themselves a new friend.

Color Sheet 9

#9: Scout, Bearto & Flora frolic in the leaves during a fun fall day!

Color Sheet 8

#8 Join Scout, Flora, Bearto and their animal friends as they learn exciting new things in their school classroom.

Coloring Sheet 7

#7 Join Scout and Flora as they camp and make music for their animal friends at Howard Prairie.

Color Sheet 6

#6 Join Scout, Flora and their animal friends as they navigate down the Rogue River near the famous Rainbow Arch bridge in Grants Pass.

Color Sheet 6

#5 Scout meets Flora the Fox and some animal friends for a delicious picnic & music on the Britt Hill!

Color Sheet 4

#4 Camp out under the stars with Scout and some animal friends as they gaze up into a beautiful clear night sky.

Color Sheet 3

#3 Scout and friends make their debut on the Britt Performance Garden Stage, getting ready for a fun new season of BrittKids Koncerts!

Color Sheet 2

#2 Scout's froggy friend leads them up to a beautiful view of the Table Rocks and Mt. McLaughlin! They stop along the way to smell the beautiful and rare fritillaria!

Color Sheet 1

#1 A friendly owl and squirrel hang out with Scout as they explore the rim of Crater Lake on snowshoes!


bkk coloringsheetgraphic 1

Photos by Jeremy Holmes and Mike Gantenbein.