BrittKids Klub: 'The Six Silly Squash in: Halloween Hi-jinx' Coloring Sheets

Join the Six Silly Squash from The Vegetables Under the Stairs, as they figure out what to be for Halloween. Click on the circles below to download your coloring sheets!

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fall weather teaser
Pumpkin always looks forward to fall weather!

wake up teaser

Time to wake up, pumpkin.

sad teaser

The squash are sad Pumpkin didn’t like their costumes.

fright teaser

The squash get a fright.

square squab teaser

A square and a squab.

pumpkin loves fall teaser

Pumpkin loves the fall!

front door teaser

Pumpkin pops out the front door.

squirrel teaser

I’m a Squirrel, said the little squash.

ghost teaser

It’s a ghost!

silly teaser

A couple of silly squash.

horrified teaser

Pumpkin is horrified by the squashes costume choice.

early teaser

Pumpkin likes to wake up early while his friends are still asleep on the sixth step.

imagine costumes teaser

Pumpkin imagines costumes for the squash.

learn teaser

The squash learn about jack-o’-lanterns.

pile of pumpkins teaser

A Pile of pumpkins!

pumpkin squirrel teaser

Pumpkin loves little squash’s squirrel costume.

friends teaser

Pumpkin loves his squash friends.

squid squire teaser

A squid and a squire!

pumpkin smiling jack teaser

Pumpkin’s jack-o’-lantern look.

rest teaser

Pumpkin gets some rest in the sixth drawer on the sixth step.

squash loves squirrels teaser

Little squash explains his love of squirrels.

six silly squash teaser

The six silly squash come down from the stairs.

song teaser

The squash sing their song.

jack o dreams teaser

Pumpkin dreams of being a jack-o’-lantern on Halloween.

tug of war teaser

Tug of war

spooked teaser

A couple spooked squash.

ghost pepper teaser

The squash listen to the Ghost Pepper.

happy jack teaser

Pumpkin loves being a jack-o’-lantern.

squab teaser

I’m a squab, said the squash.

square teaser

I’m a square, said the squash.

witch vampire teaser

A witch and vampire squash.

squid teaser

I’m a squid, said the squash.

whats a squab teaser

A squab is a bird, silly squash.

squire teaser

I’m a squire, said the squash.

stars teaser

Pumpkin loves looking at the stars!

surprise teaser


talk teaser

Jack-o’-lantern Pumpkin talks to his fellow squash.

unique teaser

All the squash chose their own unique costumes!

what to be teaser

Squash wonders what he can be for Halloween.

jack o squash teaser

The squash all dressed as jack-o’-lanterns.

story jack teaser

Pumpkin shares a story with his squash friend.