BrittKids Klub: The Veggies Under The Stairs Coloring Sheets & Lyrics

Meet 'The Veggies Under The Stairs', and follow along through story and song as Radish introduces us to all the veggies who sleep under the stairs.

broccol isleep in 3rd drawer teaser
The three bouncing broccoli sleep in the third drawer on the third step.

calm down harold teaser
Calm down, Harold!

carrots sleep in the 9th drawer teaser
The nine baby carrots sleep in the ninth drawer on the ninth step.

we love our radish teaser
We love our radish!

where do gourds sleep teaser
Where do the two greedy gourds sleep?

artichokes sleep in the 5th drawer teaser
The Five Angry Artichokes sleep in the fifth drawer on the fifth step.

corn sleep in 4th drawer teaser
The Four Snoring Ears of Corn sleep in the fourth drawer on the fourth step.

excuse me teaser
Excuuuuse me, says the Radish.

lettuce sleep in 7th drawer teaser
The Seven Stylish Lettuce Heads sleep in the seventh drawer on the seventh step.

radish hangs 10 teaser
Radish hangs ten!

dreaming little dreams teaser
All the baby veggies dream little dreams

radish turnips enjoy misters teaser
Radish and the Turnips enjoy the cooling mist from the misters

tomatoes sleep in 9th drawer teaser
The Nine Vine Tomatoes sleep in the ninth drawer on the ninth step

well maybe not tonight teaser
Well, maybe not tonight

where do the green beans sleep teaser
Where do the Ten Graceful Green Beans Sleep?

imaradish lyrics teaser
Sing along to "I'm a Radish", the rollicking opening song to the video!

baby veggies lyrics teaser
Sing along to the lullaby "All The Baby Veggies" which plays at the end of the video

too close radish teaser
Radish isn't big on personal space

grumpy gourds drawer teaser
The greedy gourds sleep in the second drawer on the second step

radish sleeps veggies teaser
The radish sleeps in the first drawer on the first step

where do tomatoes sleep teaser
Where do the nine vine tomatoes sleep?

you can sleep with us teaser
You can sleep here with us!