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New Smoking Policy

Published: October 1, 2020

Given the reality check of the devastating fires in our region, Britt Music and Arts Festival has chosen to be part of the solution by helping to protect, manage and promote stewardship of our forests and communities.  That commitment begins with making fire prevention a priority. Britt’s leadership has decided to take decisive measures to protect our beautiful valley.  In response to valid concerns around the hazards of patrons and employees smoking, and with the very real dangers of wildfires, Britt Music and Arts Festival has made the decision to make our hill a non-smoking venue. Effective immediately, the smoking of tobacco products, cannabis, and electronic cigarettes is not permitted anywhere within Britt’s facilities.

Our goal is to make Britt as safe and healthy as possible. Smoke-free environments are simply safer for patrons, volunteers, and staff. Furthermore, musicians are particularly susceptible to the hazards of secondhand smoke and vaping products/e-cigarettes. This policy will benefit everyone and it is the right thing to do.  We accept the risk that our non-smoking policy may prevent some smokers from purchasing tickets to Britt concerts. A little lost revenue is a small price to pay to keep our valley safe.   

Additionally, we have a broader goal of educating the public about the health effects caused by secondhand smoke and changing attitudes regarding smoking in ways that harm other people. Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke of any kind are risk factors that can contribute to more severe COVID-19 symptoms due to their impact on underlying health conditions like diminished lung function, a weakened immune system, and the associated risk of respiratory illness. With COVID-19 and the ever-increasing fire risks, now is the time.

We are pleased with this decision and celebrate the announcement. Only 100% smoke-free environments can guarantee protection to patrons, volunteers, and staff from the toxins in secondhand smoke. Just like coronavirus, secondhand smoke spreads throughout a crowd, and a single cigarette butt thrown out carelessly could destroy our community.

The Britt Music and Arts Festival non-smoking policy will be strictly enforced.  There will be zero tolerance. No first warning. If anyone is caught smoking or vaping any substance on the Britt property, they will be removed from the venue.   

Let’s Keep Oregon Green and lungs clear for this generation and for generations to come.