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CANCELLED: Tash Sultana

August 26 @ 7:30 pm

Tonight’s concert with Tash Sultana has been cancelled due to the current air quality index (AQI) forecast for this evening.

We are all sad to miss this night of music together and we hope to see you on the Hill again soon.

Refund forms will be distributed no later than this upcoming Wednesday, August 30 via your registered email account.  As a ticket-purchaser, you will have multiple options in regards to your balance.

We have spent the week tracking AQI projections using NOAA’s website and consulting with local meteorologists, and we have watched as projections changed again and again. Despite our greatest hopes and efforts, the current and predicted AQI levels for tonight forced us to make this decision in collaboration with Tash Sultana’s team to protect the health and safety of our patrons, vendors, artists, volunteers, and staff.

Since they broke through into the Australian music scene more than a decade ago, Tash Sultana has been nothing less than a musical force.

The gender-fluid multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer-songwriter, engineer and entrepreneur has carved out every step in their musical journey over the last 15 years, which has taken them from performing open night mics all over the country, busking the streets of Melbourne to releasing platinum records, accumulating billions of streams, nominations across the globe, to winning awards and selling hundreds of thousands of concert tickets worldwide.

It’s a journey that started humbly. At age 3, Tash was gifted a guitar from their grandfather, a moment which was the catalyst for a lifelong dedication to music and creativity. They practiced and jammed in their bedroom relentlessly, and by the age of 13 Tash was playing open mic nights nearly every night of the week across their home state of Victoria.

Their passion for guitar soon transferred to other instruments, and Tash began to experiment with synths, keyboards, piano, drums, percussion, bass, trumpet, saxophone, flute, mandolin,oud, harmonica, beat boxing, sampling and much more. Tash creates, composes, writes, engineers and produces everything that is heard live, and on record. Tash is the band. Their now-famous busking sessions on Melbourne’s Bourke Street catapulted them into the eyes and ears of music fans everywhere, and a viral video of their early song ‘Jungle’ brought them international attention. Since then, it’s been nothing but a meteoric rise.

Tash is a world away from the artist they were when they were 18. Of course, many of the traits that defined them then are still present: the drive, the curiosity, the endless search for new musical knowledge and desire to share that knowledge with others. But in lots of ways they have changed. Their life now is focused, disciplined, with Tash valuing calm and connectedness. The coming years will see them step out more as an entrepreneur and businessperson, expanding what is becoming a small music industry empire. Tash, as always, is on their own journey.

As Tash puts it simply: “I am happy.”

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Opening Artist: Chiiild

The creative force known as Chiiild crafts beautiful and thought-provoking hymns that transcend genre, while still retaining the integrity of Soul, Jazz, and R&B.

Chiiild is helmed by Yonatan Ayal, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. His relationship with music happened early, as his parents emigrated from Ethiopia to Montreal during the height of war and his father aimed to instill music into him from the time he could walk and talk. “I think he wanted to live vicariously through me with my appreciation for music,” Chiiild explains. “So at three years old I started music, which kind of became the thing that defined my whole life.” He entered into a private school with a renowned music program, taking extra piano lessons before and after class. “I remember starting before my hands could even press down on the keys,” he continues. His curiosity for the world transcended even music, as the young wunderkind experienced everything from figure skating to karate to theater. Musically, he was classically trained, balancing his time with an Ethiopian music teacher who also taught him traditional music. As a later student of Toronto’s renowned Royal Conservatory of Music, Chiiild’s relationship with music intensified—with an understanding and appreciation for instrumentation.

Gradually, Chiiild honed his craft as a producer. At 18, he produced his first track, which won a competition on Canada’s Mix 96 radio station (now known as VirginRadio). “I was right out of high school,” he recalls. From there, he spent the next few years working with local artists and catching whatever studio time was thrown his way. He traveled to and from Los Angeles, producing as xSDTRK and working with artists like Usher, Lucky Daye, Jack Ü, and Chloe x Halle, among many others. He was known for bending genres seamlessly, while crafting the soundscapes that helped other artists tell their stories. Eventually, he hit his own creative wall.

“I had all these different ideas, and I needed a creative outlet,” he expresses. He turned toward singing, adopting the name Chiiild and working with fellow producer Pierre-Luc Rioux. In early 2020, Chiiild released his debut EP Synthetic Soul, clocking in at over 12 million streams to date and featured single “Pirouette” that was awarded Song of the Year at the We The Beat Awards. He followed with his debut album Hope For Sale in 2021, which earned a Hi-Fidelity Award at the Prism Prize and a Juno Award nomination for Alternative Album of the Year. To date, Hope For Sale has garnered over 70 million streams. With a sold out U.S. headlining tour, sharing stages alongside acts like Leon Bridges, and touching festivals like Lollapalooza, Governor’s Ball, and Life Is Beautiful, Chiiild recently released his sophomore album, Better Luck In The Next Life.

As an artist influenced by everyone from Pink Floyd to Sam Cooke, Chiiild has a knack for melding sounds and coupling them with songwriting that is rooted in both storytelling and social commentary. Better Luck Next Life is a culmination of Chiiild’s influences and experiences, mixed with a graduated level of experimentation. “I’m trying to create from a space of like, ‘How creative can I be? What’s the coolest thing that I can possibly do right now?’” he explains. “And I was just attacking everything from that point of view, like ‘What feels like it’s missing in the world, and what do I want to hear? What’s the most the wildest thing I can get away with?’” The project is a continuation of Chiiild’s evolution. “I am no longer a producer, alone, making beats,” he says. “Now I am outside speaking to people.”

The first single off Better Luck Next Life was the smoothly Psychedelic “Bon Voyage,” a track that was both poignant symbolic. “Bon Voyage means ‘have a good trip,’ so it speaks to the trippiness of the music,” he explains. The title track continues in the Psychedelic direction, while other songs like “Good for Now” with Lucky Daye and “Antidote” showcase Chiiild’s skillful love of Soul. While the project discusses the concept of closure, it’s also symbolic in the understanding that every ending signals a new beginning. “I want everyone to understand that there’s never actually an end,” he says with sincerity. “You can always start over.”

At the heart of it, Better Luck Next Life matches passion with energy from an artist who isn’t afraid to take risks in his sound and evolve with every lyric and note. “This is my Molotov Cocktail,” he says matter of factly. “This is unapologetically who I am, so let’s see what you think.”

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