Education & Engagement
Education & Engagement

Britt Education & Engagement connects our community to as many diverse music education and listening experiences as possible. Throughout the calendar year, we provide opportunities to discover methods of self-expression through music in partnership with like-minded organizations, musicians, and teaching institutions. The positive effects of the study and playing of music on brain development, connectivity, and fine muscle coordination are well documented. Our programs provide the gateway to a lifetime of artistic contribution and enjoyment by future professional and amateur musicians.

Your generous support makes these programs possible.  Please consider making a donation to Britt Education by clicking on the red “Support Education” link on this page. Peruse the descriptions of our Residencies, BrittKids Koncert seriesBrittKids Klub and Orchestral Fellowships to see which programs you would like to support or participate in. Suggestions for new programs are always very welcome!

Three students who worked with the DESCENT team in September, 2017
From left to right: Crater Renaissance Academy student lighting/projection assistant, wardrobe assistant, and sound assistant for "DESCENT"  - photo courtesy of Jeremy Holmes



Contact Director of Education & Engagement at or call 541-779-0847.

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