FAQ on Britt's Alcohol Policy

What is Britt's alcohol policy?

In 2021, outside alcohol will be prohibited at 15 concerts. For all other concerts, patrons may bring in beer and wine.

For all concerts, beer and wine will be available for sale on the Britt hill. Additional points of sale have been added to prevent long lines.

Which concerts are affected by the policy?

In 2021, Patrons will not be permitted to bring in outside alcohol for Britt Presents concerts.

How are concerts affected by the alcohol policy selected?

Britt Staff and Security will make the decisions on which concerts to prohibit outside alcohol at, based on two factors:

  1. Concerts where there is a greater risk for alcohol-related incidents, and for which we want to have better control over alcohol consumption.
  2. Concerts with high artist fees, where Britt needs to bring in income to cover the costs associated with the artists.
Does this policy affect food or soft drinks?

No. Patrons are still welcome to bring in food, water and soft drinks to all concerts.

Will there be increased restrictions on alcohol in the future? Will you be cutting outside alcohol altogether?

The Board intends to keep the restriction to approximately 15 performances for the foreseeable future.

The Board is committed to balancing Britt's safety and revenue needs, and preserving a cherished tradition.