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The Britt Festival Orchestra offered special projects during the summer of 2021. The orchestra offered a reading of three traditional orchestral works on July 25th, then performed the commissioned series Brush: Music in the Woodlands by Caroline Shaw on the Jacksonville Woodlands Trail system above the venue. Another special project by the BFO is available from July 1 through October 15th: Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK. This explorational piece is designed into an interactive app that plays music through headphones plugged into a phone that has the app and BFO version of the SOUNDWALK downloaded to it. As you explore the map of downtown Jacksonville, different parts of a whole composition play, providing a unique experience for each person as they wander around Jacksonville and surrounding trails. The SOUNDWALK app can be downloaded here.


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About The Britt Festival Orchestra


The Britt Festival Orchestra (BFO) brings a unique group of musicians together each summer to perform under the leadership of Music Director Teddy Abrams, a rising star in the symphonic world. Our summer festival spans 20 days in late July and early August and includes six performances with the full BFO, plus additional events such as chamber music concerts and curated performances for children, all at our extraordinary outdoor venue in historic Jacksonville, Oregon.

Established in 1963, the BFO is an all-star ensemble that meets each summer in the historic and beautiful southern Oregon town of Jacksonville. Our musicians come from many of the most important and respected year-round orchestras in the country and teach at some of the finest conservatories and universities in the world. Our concert hall, the Britt Pavilion, is a natural outdoor amphitheater under the great Oregon sky. Our audiences, often including more than two thousand people per concert, sit on the Britt Hill and experience a remarkably diverse selection of music under the stars, ranging from early Renaissance to numerous living American composers.

Additional festivities include free BrittKids Koncerts, open rehearsals, pre-concert conversations with guest artists and orchestra members, and special projects and collaborations with a variety of community groups, such as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Whether you’re a seasoned classical music enthusiast or a newcomer to the orchestra, the Britt Festival Orchestra has something for you!

Contingency plan due to poor air quality

In the event that the Britt Festival Orchestra performances are moved to North Medford High school due to poor air quality, there will be three lines established for patrons: the 1st line will be for reserved seat holders and will be seated first, the 2nd line will be for paid lawn ticket holders and will be seated second, and the 3rd line will be for all complimentary ticket holders and will be seated on a first come, first serve basis. These lines will be processed in 15-minute intervals.

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Photo by Mike Gantenbein

"While there are many benefits to living in the Rogue Valley, I think the Britt Festival Orchestra tops them all!

I still cannot believe we have world-class musicians who assemble here every summer to produce the most remarkable music under the direction of Teddy Abrams. Teddy's enthusiasm for bringing our community together through music is infectious. The programs are fun, moving, enlightening, powerful and uplifting.

In all my years attending classical music concerts, I never felt as inspired by the sound of an orchestra as I am by our own Britt Festival Orchestra. What I experience is more than music. It is pure celebration."

Frank De Luca