Perform Britt Header 2023

Performing at Britt

Britt accepts submissions from artists who would like to be considered for:

  • The pre-concert series (before main stage performances) on the Sam & Hannelore Enfield stage
  • Special events
  • Stand-alone concerts in the Performance Garden - Sam & Hannelore Enfield Stage
  • Opening acts on Britt's main stage

Artists in all genres are invited to apply. Performances will take place during the regular Britt season (typically mid-June through early September).

Decisions are made based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Date availability
  • Submission quality
  • Compatibility with the Britt season
  • Maintaining programmatic variety
  • Reflecting the diversity of our community

To be considered, please apply with this form.

Performing at Britt
Performing at Britt

Photos by Karen Adair.