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Britt Education & Engagement brings outstanding local, regional, and national artists to the southern Oregon community to expand, deepen, and diversify its access to arts education at no cost to the community. Throughout the calendar year, we provide access and interconnectivity to students, families and arts enthusiasts, which leads to a lifetime of artistic self-expression and enjoyment. We are committed to increasing access and instruction to students of all ages throughout the Rogue Valley, through in-school Residencies, BrittKids Koncerts and BrittKids Klub for families with younger children, Britt Festival Orchestra Fellowships for strings Master’s degree students, interactive performances, and other engaging presentations for our community. It is an important part of our mission to work in partnership with local arts organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to continue to offer these transformative programs at no cost to the participants.

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"We were thrilled to have musicians at our school for students to enjoy. Our school is in a rural, impoverished area and the children do not normally have access to the arts.  Performances like this one inspire our young children to believe that they could do something like this themselves.  It allows them to step out of their environment and imagine that they could have similar experiences as artists.  These performances represent possibilities for students to break out of the cycle of generational poverty.  So in addition to enjoying the wonderful music, the children were given hope. Please continue this vital, dynamic, and inspiring program."

Penelope DiGennaro
Sunnywolf Charter School
Wolf Creek, Oregon

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Marimbist Britton-René Collins is just one of many teaching artists that visit local schools to work directly with students each year through our Residency Program. Collins worked with several high school music classes, including Phoenix High School - featured in the video above.

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