See the maps below to help you plan for your night at Britt:

Seating chart:

Shows details on reserved seating and reserved blankets. Download here.

2020 britt seatingchart

Facilities map:

Shows a graphic of the Britt hill, including entrances, concessions and restrooms. Download here.

britt facilities map

Driving map:

Shows Britt's location in relation to I-5 as well as a street map of Jacksonville map. Download here.

drivingparkingmap 102 1

Parking map:

Provided by the City of Jacksonville, this map shows detailed information on where to park in Jacksonville. Download here.

jacksonvilleparkingmap20132 1

Trolley map:

Provided by the City of Jacksonville, this map shows the Trolley route and stops. The trolley starts running two hours prior to the concert time. It does not run after the concerts. Download here.

Britt Trolley Map

Carpool to the Britt Music & Arts Festival:

Oregon’s easy-to-use trip planning tool will help you easily find or share a ride to the next Britt Music & Arts Festival event. Create your free account at and search the events page to find the concert you’re interested in and easily create or join a carpool. Carpooling is good for the environment, saves you money, and reduces parking congestion.