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Free BrittKids Koncerts

We hope you enjoyed our 2020 and 2021 BrittKids Koncert Videos Series, many of which will be available to watch on Britt's YouTube channel indefinitely! We will be live and in-person for 2022 in the Britt Performance Garden and other locations yet to be announced. We can’t wait to see you in-person again! Stay tuned to our BrittKids Facebook page and our Britt Bee newsletter for the latest updates. If you want to be the very first to know our 2022 Koncert lineup, join the BrittKids Klub today!

BrittKids Koncerts create a fun and casual setting for local families to introduce their children to music, dance, and the visual arts. These free performances, especially designed for children under age 10, help our next generation of artists learn about the performing arts in a way that is both entertaining and educational. Early exposure to live performance increases a child’s interest in artistic activities, such as learning an instrument, singing, dancing, painting, or participating in a theater program.

For more information about the BrittKids Koncerts program, contact Kay Hilton, Director of Education & Engagement at

BrittKids Koncert Video Series Lineup for 2021

Check out the videos as they are released on our YouTube channel.

Episode 1: Nanny Nikki “Scout’s Super Summer”

Air Date: June 16th

BKK June 16

Nanny Nikki introduces herself and tells us a little about this summer’s BrittKids Koncert Video Series. With a little help from Scout and Phineas the Frog, Nanny Nikki sings songs about how we can all like different things and how to wiggle and flutter like the creatures in her garden. 


Episode 2: Red Yarn “Folk Songs Bring Us Together”

Air Date: June 23

BKK Jun 23

Portland family folksinger and puppeteer Red Yarn performs multicultural folk songs of the USA, and talks to his "critter" friend Miss Molly Cottontail about what "folk songs" are and how they can bring us together.


Episode 3: Pegasus Puppet Theater “Snow Soup”

Air Date: June 30

BKK Jun 30

This charming, musical rendition of the old French folktale, “Stone Soup”, is set in the snowy arctic. Indigenous animals are convinced by hungry strangers to share their food to make a meal that everyone enjoys, which inspires generosity, community, and the value of looking beyond stereotypes.


Episode 4: Aaron Nigel Smith “Family Reggae Vibes”

Air Date: July 7th

BKK Jul 7

Join us as Parent’s Choice award-winner Aaron Nigel Smith sings songs that share messages of unity, love and hope. Everyone is encouraged to sing, dance, and play together! 


Episode 5: Magnetic West Music “Sweet Dreams Bedtime Songs

Air Date: July 14th

BKK Jul 14

Cozy up with the gentle sounds of lullaby music and follow the journey through the night sky as you settle in for sleep with these dreamy bedtime songs.


Episode 6: Red Yarn “All Are Welcome at the Barn Dance”

Air Date: July 21st

BKK Jul 21

Red Yarn and his barnyard critters are hosting an inclusive barndance, but what happens when an unexpected visitor arrives? With upbeat folk songs and puppet skits, Red Yarn and his "critter" puppets will encourage audiences to be open-minded and appreciate each other's differences.  


Episode 7 Pegasus Puppet Theater "Pegasus and the Story of the Stars"

Air Date: July 28th

BKK Jul 28

In this Norwegian version of a fairy tale told in many lands, a princess must embark on an arduous journey that will require both her courage and perseverance in order to save her father, our heroine enlists the help of an aged sage and three dragons!


Episode 8: Aaron Nigel Smith “Welcome to The Big Up Show”

Air Date: August 4th

BKK Aug 4

If you haven’t seen The Big Up Show before, you’re in for a wonderful time! Aaron Nigel Smith is back to share some fun music and rhythms that you can learn. Sing, play, and dance along with friends and family.


Episode 9: Nanny Nikki  Series Conclusion

Air Date: August 11th

BKK Aug 11

Nanny Nikki helps us remember all of the wonderful songs and stories we learned in the BrittKids Koncert Video Series and sings songs with us about how friendship is forever. What a super summer it’s been!

Your BrittKid can Earn BrittKids Klub Rewards at Home!

A)  Download and complete three activity or coloring sheets from to receive a special prize.

B)  Complete two ‘Creative Projects’ involving BrittKids friends (see ideas below, or come up with your own) in addition to the download tasks and receive a super prize.

C)  Confirm your BrittKid’s completed tasks on the back of their BKK Member card and present at the Britt office in downtown Medford this fall to claim prizes (check website or call for current hours).

For extra fun, share your at-home projects with us via e-mail: We will post the best submissions every week on the BrittKids Klub Facebook page to inspire the rest of the BrittKids community!

• Popsicle Stick Figures

Create a stage for your favorite BrittKids Buddies cutouts with popsicle sticks and put on a show!

• Stuffies

Gather some felt or other fabric, draw out your favorite BrittKids Buddies, then have your parent help you carefully cut out around the character and a backing piece. Then sew the two sides together, fill with stuffing to create fun carry-along stuffies for your next adventure! Try out some embroidery for extra details!

• Draw or Paint a Picture

Draw or paint your favorite BrittKids Buddy in a scene of your choice. Be it a high-flying adventure, making music with their friends, or exploring nature!

• Make your own musical instrument

Make your own BrittKids musical instrument using household items. Make a shaker, a drum or a stringed instrument, using your imagination and household finds.

• Scout (Scout & Friends inspired) Song

Come up with a song that features one or all of your favorite BrittKids friends and sing it for us!

• Scout (Scout & Friends inspired) Dance Routine

Feeling the rhythm of a BrittKids song? Act out your BrittKids song or adventure through interpretive dance, film it and share with us!

• Scout (Scout & Friends inspired) Sonic Scavenger Hunt (Percussive, Instrumental)

Too shy to sing? That’s OK – what sounds can you find around your house or your neighborhood? Find amazing sounds, make some music and share it with us. Bang on some pots and pans, use BrittKids your recorder, Scout egg shaker, a piano, uke or any handy musical instrument to make some music celebrating your love of the BrittKids Klub!

Free BrittKids Koncert Video Series
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