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Free BrittKids Koncerts

We hope you enjoyed our 2022 BrittKids Koncert Series, live and in-person at the Britt Performance Garden. We had a great time and can't wait until next summer. Check back here next spring, when we announce the 2023 lineup!

BrittKids Koncerts create a fun and casual setting for local families to introduce their children to music, dance, and the visual arts. These free performances, especially designed for children under age 10, help our next generation of artists learn about the performing arts in a way that is both entertaining and educational. Early exposure to live performance increases a child’s interest in artistic activities, such as learning an instrument, singing, dancing, painting, or participating in a theater program.

For more information about the BrittKids Koncerts program, contact Kay Hilton, Director of Education & Engagement at education@brittfest.org.

BrittKids Koncert Series Lineup for 2022

Concerts start at 10:15 AM in the Britt Performance Garden (350 S. First St., Jacksonville) except where noted.

GATES: 9:45 AM Early Entry (BrittKids Klub Members) | 10:00 AM


June 8 - "King of the Pipers" with Kevin Carr and Josie Mendelssohn

Celebrated Folk multi-instrumentalist and storyteller, Kevin Carr, has created a brand new show to kick off our series. Join Kevin and Josie for this exciting musical story!


June 13 - "Scout's Silent Robot Dance Party" with Silent Movement International

Everyone's favorite dance party is back this summer, with a robot DJ, interactive music station, storyteller, and bubbles!


June 21 - "Nanny Nikki & Red Yarn Share the Stage" with Grammy Nominated Artist Nanny Nikki + Red Yarn

If you were a fan of our BrittKids Koncert Video Series last year, then you already know these two characters. Come and see their first live show at Britt!


June 29 - "Bearto's Bunch O' Strings" with Lexi Preucil and the Britt Festival Fellows Quartet

Our BrittKids Buddy, Bearto, loves the Britt Festival Orchestra and he knows you will love it, too. Our Fellows can't wait to share some of Bearto's favorite music with you, including his very own theme song!


July 1 - "Immigrant Groove" with People of Earth featuring Gabriel Globus-Hoenich at Lithia Park Bandshell 

Have you ever been to Cuba, Puerto Rico, or Brazil? Your tour guide (Gabe from 'Leandro the Lion') will take you on a musical tour of all three countries in this brand new show!


July 14 - "Crash, Bang, Boom!" with Gabriel Globus-Hoenich + Bryan Jeffs

If you like Drumtastic Beats, then you will love this interactive percussion extravaganza. Bring your egg shakers, jingle sticks, and clapping hands, and join in the fun!


July 19 - "Dancing Through Mexico" with Ballet Folklorico

Have you always wanted to learn to dance to the fascinating rhythms of Mexico? The beautiful dancers of Ballet Folklorico will show you the way, and you'll soon be dancing along with them!


July 27 - "Fiz & the Magic Fiddle" with the Carr Family

This is a BrittKids favorite so if you've never seen it before, you're in for a treat. Join us for this magical, musical story from Ireland!


August 9 - "Scout's Silent Robot Dance Party" with Silent Movement International

If one robot dance party is good, then two is even better! We're back with your favorite DJ, interactive music station, storyteller, and, of course, bubbles!


August 18 - "Smith & Yarn" with Grammy Nominated Artist Aaron Nigel Smith + Red Yarn

Our big series finale - Smith & Yarn are all about families, so this show is created especially for our BrittKids Family. Let's move our hearts together while we're moving to the sound of this inspiring and joyful show!

Your BrittKid can Earn BrittKids Klub Rewards at Home!

A)  Download and complete three activity or coloring sheets from BrittKidsKlub.org to receive a special prize.

B)  Complete two ‘Creative Projects’ involving BrittKids friends (see ideas below, or come up with your own) in addition to the download tasks and receive a super prize.

C)  Confirm your BrittKid’s completed tasks on the back of their BKK Member card and present at the Britt office in downtown Medford this fall to claim prizes (check website or call for current hours).

For extra fun, share your at-home projects with us via e-mail: Scout@BrittFest.org. We will post the best submissions every week on the BrittKids Klub Facebook page to inspire the rest of the BrittKids community!

• Popsicle Stick Figures

Create a stage for your favorite BrittKids Buddies cutouts with popsicle sticks and put on a show!

• Stuffies

Gather some felt or other fabric, draw out your favorite BrittKids Buddies, then have your parent help you carefully cut out around the character and a backing piece. Then sew the two sides together, fill with stuffing to create fun carry-along stuffies for your next adventure! Try out some embroidery for extra details!

• Draw or Paint a Picture

Draw or paint your favorite BrittKids Buddy in a scene of your choice. Be it a high-flying adventure, making music with their friends, or exploring nature!

• Make your own musical instrument

Make your own BrittKids musical instrument using household items. Make a shaker, a drum or a stringed instrument, using your imagination and household finds.

• Scout (Scout & Friends inspired) Song

Come up with a song that features one or all of your favorite BrittKids friends and sing it for us!

• Scout (Scout & Friends inspired) Dance Routine

Feeling the rhythm of a BrittKids song? Act out your BrittKids song or adventure through interpretive dance, film it and share with us!

• Scout (Scout & Friends inspired) Sonic Scavenger Hunt (Percussive, Instrumental)

Too shy to sing? That’s OK – what sounds can you find around your house or your neighborhood? Find amazing sounds, make some music and share it with us. Bang on some pots and pans, use BrittKids your recorder, Scout egg shaker, a piano, uke or any handy musical instrument to make some music celebrating your love of the BrittKids Klub!

Billboard #1 and Grammy-nominated artist Aaron Nigel Smith shares his djembe with a member of the audience after his BrittKids Koncert Performance.
~ August, 2022


Aaron Nigel Smith and BrittKids

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The Sam & Hannelore Enfield Stage in the Britt Performance Garden

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