Jacksonville Neighborhood Jan 2023

Join the Homestay Program!

Each BFO season, Britt relies on the generosity of local families to house our orchestra musicians and orchestra fellows. The BFO Homestay Program is a wonderful way to connect with members of the BFO while receiving invaluable perks for the season, including free tickets to BFO concerts (subject to availability), passes to closed rehearsals, and invitations to special events!

Hosting musicians is a gratifying experience, and many of our musicians return year after year to stay with the same family, forming friendships and bonds that continue well after the final notes of the season are over. Please consider joining our host family program today, and experience first-hand how wonderful it is to get to know our talented musicians!


You can host for 1, 2 or all 3 weeks of the BFO season. This summer, the arrival date of the orchestra is Monday, June 10, and their departure date is Sunday, June 30.


Jacksonville is the ideal location to house our musicians, since most of them come to the valley without a vehicle. However, we also house musicians with families in Medford, Central Point, Talent, Phoenix, and Ashland. Host families living outside Jacksonville are not required to provide transportation, although a loaner vehicle or occasional rides to the rehearsals and concerts is appreciated if available. 


Host homes are expected to provide a private room with either a private or a shared bathroom for each musician housed. The host family is not expected to provide housing for spouses, children, friends, or pets. However, this can be agreed to in advance, if acceptable to the host family. Kitchen privileges and/or laundry facility access is appreciated but not required.


  • 4 complimentary Britt Festival Orchestra tickets for each week you house a musician (maximum of 12 tickets during 2024; excludes Star Wars performances and Judy Collins; tickets can be redeemed in any combination of your choosing)
  • Up to 4 discounted tickets at 20% off for Star Wars performances (limited to 2 discounted tickets per performance)
  • Rehearsal pass that lets you attend all the rehearsals, even those closed to the general public (excludes BFO film performances and special events

INTERESTED? Contact us today!

For more information, contact Eric Thomas at eric.thomas@brittfest.org



Although not required, we strongly recommend that all BFO musicians and host families, including all people living in the host family household, have gotten COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.   


If a member of the host family household tests positive for Covid during the festival, the musician will be moved to another location for a minimum of 5 days. If the musician tests positive for Covid, they will be sent home.