Classical Festival

Britt Orchestra Rehearsals

Britt Orchestra rehearsals are a fun way to get a taste of the orchestra performances before each show. Many rehearsals are "Open" - they are open to anyone who would like to attend, and no pass is required.

"Closed" rehearsals are available with a pass only to those who are members at the Benefactor or higher level, or if you have donated to the Sam and Hannelore Enfield Classical Annual Fund.Passes are automatically mailed to Classical Annual Fund donors. If you are a Benefactor member or higher, contact Parvaneh Scoggin at to request a pass. 

2017 BRITT ORCHESTRA Rehearsal Schedule

Tuesday, July 25             7:30pm OPEN

Wednesday, July 26         10am OPEN / 7:30pm OPEN

Thursday, July 27            10am OPEN / 7:30pm CLOSED

Friday, July 28               10am – DRESS (CLOSED) / 8pm – CONCERT         

Saturday, July 29            10am – DRESS (CLOSED) / 8pm – CONCERT 

Tuesday, August 1           10am OPEN / 7:30pm OPEN

Wednesday, Aug 2           7:30 OPEN

Thursday, August 3         10am CLOSED / 7:30pm CLOSED

Friday, August 4             10am – DRESS (CLOSED) / 8pm – CONCERT

Saturday, August 5          10am – DRESS (CLOSED) / 8pm – CONCERT

Sunday, August 6            10am – DRESS (CLOSED) / 7:30pm – CONCERT

Wednesday, August 9       7:30pm OPEN

Thursday, August 10        10am OPEN / 7:30pm OPEN

Friday, August 11           10am OPEN / 7:30pm OPEN

Saturday, August 12        10am – DRESS (Closed) / 8pm – CONCERT

Sunday, August 13          10am – DRESS (Closed) / 8pm – CONCERT