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BrittKids Klub: BrittKids Astro Adventures


Astro Adventure #3: Join the BrittKids as they travel to planet Yumulus where the Omnoms have created an art gallery like no other!

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Astro Adventure #2: Join the BrittKids as they travel to planet Zarko to teach the Zarkons how to play the Harmonica!

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Astro Adventure #1: Join Scout, Flora, Bunmi, Bearto, and Phineas the frog each month as they zoom from planet to planet meeting amazing aliens and exchanging fun facts and techniques about music, drawing, painting, sculpting, and other awesome ways to be creative!

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Coloring Sheets

Issue #3: Color the BrittKids Buddies as they experience a feast for the eyes AND tastebuds on planet Yumulus!

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Issue #2: Color Phineas and the Zarkons as they play a harmonica recital!

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Issue #1: T-minus 10 seconds and counting for the launch of the starship Adventure! 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … and the BrittKids Buddies blast off! Color the brave crew of the BKK Adventure for their maiden voyage!

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Activity Sheets

Astro Activity #2: Astro Jumble – Help Phineas and his Drift Draygon friend from Zarko find all the Astro words!

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Astro Activity #01 : Help the BrittKids navigate the BKK Adventure through an asteroid field to safely arrive at Planet Omicron Delta Eight.

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Photos by Jeremy Holmes and Mike Gantenbein.